Logo Visual Analysis

This analysis is divided into three parts, they are introduction, Unilever`s competitors and my thoughts.

  Introduction of the logo:

The logo I chose is Unilever. Unilever’s logo was designed by Wolff Olins, a brand consulting firm(Is a well-known brand consulting company established in 1965, it`s work Including the London 2012 Olympic Games logo, the New York taxi logo, and the new logo of (red) and wacom…). Its original design was to use more than 100 small patterns from African rock paintings to put together a “U”. This idea was affirmed by Unilever, but it has too many patterns would make it difficult to identify. Therefore, after several months of revision, the new Unilever logo of today’s style was born. The new logo contains 25 small patterns, each with its own unique meaning.

Sun / the symbol of vitality, the natural resources on which human beings depend for survival, and the origin of all life.

DNA / represents the origin of life and biochemical science, and is the key to a healthy life.

Bee / creativity, communication, hard work, and species diversity symbolize the opportunities and challenges brought by the environment.

Hand / symbolizes sensibility, care and demand.

Flower/ fragrance, when combined with the “hand” pattern, represents moisturizing lotion or cream.

Hair / a symbol of beauty, when combined with the “flower” pattern, it is reminiscent of cleanliness and fragrance; When combined with the pattern of “hand”, it represents softness

Palm tree / diverse natural resources, also a symbol of heaven

Sauces or speeches / stands for mixing and stirring to express the meaning of mixing fragrance and adding taste

Spoon / symbolizing nutrition, taste and cooking

Bowl / a bowl full of flavored food, also stands for ready to eat food, hot drinks or soups

Spice and flavors / for chili or fresh ingredients

Fish / symbolizes food, sea water or fresh water

Sparkle / bright and healthy

Bird / symbolizes freedom, free from trifles and enjoy the fun of life

Recycle / realize the commitment of continuously doing a good job in environmental protection

Lips / symbolizes beauty, beauty and taste

Ice cream / leisure, pleasure and enjoyment

Tea is also a symbol of plant growth, such as tea and tea

Particles/ stands for science, bubble and activity.

Frozen / frozen is a symbol of freshness, representing snowflakes

Wave / clean, fresh and energetic, representing personal cleanliness. When used with “clothing” pattern, it represents clothing washing and care

Liquid / stands for clean water and purity

Container/ stands for packaging, a bottle of personal emulsion.

Clothes / stands for beautiful and clean clothes.

Heart / symbolizes love, care and health.

The old logo:

Unilever executives once commented on the old logo that “the old logo conveys a strong and steady meaning, but we think it is not enough to reflect the company’s ambition, and it is not harmonious with our brand”.

  Unilever`s competitor:

Unilever and P & G are the world’s two largest commodity production and sales groups and the world’s top 500 enterprises. Since July 1, 2004, all subsidiaries of Unilever worldwide have used the new logo at the same time, and the last time P & G changed its logo was in 2003. With an interval of more than a year, the change of logo will have an impact on the turnover.

  In my opinion:

  I like this logo very much because it is concise and contains rich content. Although I don’t know the meaning of complex graphics in the logo at first sight, I can feel that its original design intention is beautiful and warm, rather than cold and rational sans serif letters.

The designer harmoniously combines irrelevant small elements (such as DNA, palm trees, sparks…), It gives them new meaning. At the same time, each small element can also be independent of the whole and have its own meaning. This has a great inspiration for me.

Because I chose the logo of tea in my last assignment. The first idea about the logo of tea is to combine horses, camels, boats, tea cups, mountains and water, and add a sense of history at the same time. However, due to limited ability, the sketch drawn is not ideal, and finally can only give up. Unilever’s logo solves this problem well – I can abstract the image, unify the color, shrink it and put it in a suitable shape.

More Logo:

McDonald’s takes “m” as its logo. The color is golden yellow. It looks like two open golden double arches, representing joy and delicious food. It symbolizes that McDonald’s continues to suck customers into this happy door like a magnet. McDonald’s logo is also known as “golden arch”. This golden Jumping Double Parabolic golden arch has long become synonymous with McDonald’s. Its pure, simple and modern design makes this “golden arch” timeless.

 Disney is named after its founder Walt Disney. The imaginative font design implies the classical and interesting of Disney animation.

In 1967, Marcello minale and Brian tattersfield were invited to design a unified logo for the store. They designed the logo according to the signature of shopkeeper Charles Harrod, which perfectly embodies the simple tradition and the brand tenet of friendship and inclusiveness.

Since then, the brand logo has not changed. Now it not only decorates the store, but also decorates many products from shopping bags to clothing. Therefore, the logo itself has high monetary value.

The cartoon handwritten logo was first introduced at the New York Toy show in 1959. Later, it has undergone many revisions, but the current version is almost the same as the original version. This design has a real charm, which can reflect the core of Barbie’s playful childlike innocence.


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