Briefing Project

The brand I chose to rebrand is a Chinese earrings brand, called LONEL. The main product of this brand is earrings. But it also sells others ornaments such as necklaces, brooches… And all earrings have ear clips, which take care of the people without ear holes. It is   a strong competitiveness with other earring brands.

The lowest price of the brand’s earrings is 25 Yuan, the highest is 69 Yuan, but most of the goods are between 29 and 39 yuan.

LONEL highest sales earrings:Three of them have obvious feminine elements, such as flowers, stars and pearls.

One is a Chinese style.

One is simple style, using point and line as major elements. but the color is gentle and low saturation.

It can be seen that the price and aesthetic positioning of the brand are young people, aged 19 to 26, mainly students.

At present, lonel is the earring brand with the highest sales volume between 29 and 39 yuan on Taobao. There is no competitor.

Packing of LONEL.

Ornament Logo design collect: Jewery-公开的收藏夹-站酷 (ZCOOL)

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