Week 9 Color

Waldo Trommler Paints Design Analysis:

Color : Using contrasting colors, like red and green, yellow and purple, blue and orange. They don`t have enterprise colors, that means the designs, combination of elements is important.

Logo Typography : The tip of the font is round, make people reminiscent the roller.

Package Typography : The font is very large, take up the whole package, it is conspicuous enough when it on the goods shelves. But it only have two colors, so its design doesn`t looks messy while outstanding.

Images : The tag`s layout of the package include some elements relate to painting such as brushes, gloves, rompers… telling consumers we are a painting brand.

Lonel Earing color:

These are the earing logos. first one is without background, second one is have background. I think each of them have a unique advantage the others doesn`t have but also disadvantage. How to collect their advantage together and remove disadvantage?