MonthJune 2022

Week 13 and 14

Slogans I wrtite:

  1. Dream as horse, going to the ocean of stars.
  2. I`ll compensate you the tenderness that the world doesnt give you.
  3. Night is dark, let me raise stars and moon for you.
  4. The end of the night is wireless tenderness the universe left to you.
  5. Late at night, a magnifying glass of emotion.

drafts of logo and styleguide:


I tried drawing with software first, but I`m not familiar with it and drwaing very slow, so I change to handrawing.

Final Effect:

Design Brief:

Posters is inspired by a I saw on the Internet.

The logo is inspired by a saying from a Japan designer-Kenya Hara. he said: The symbol itself does not represent anything, but the more abstract and meaningless it is, better. that`s why I add a light blue part on the top left corner.

So I use a square as background, symbolize bed. dark blue symbolize night. color psychology said, blue can make people calm. The light blue on the top left corner symbolize quilt, same with poster.


I saw this poster in a video talking about layout, don`t know who is the designer.

日本蛋糕甜品店 Châteraisé 推出由 佐藤可士和 设计的新LOGO – 标志情报局 (


Week 12 Branding Story

The story I made for love feel bedding set is:

A woman dragged her tired body back home. threw her coat and bag on the ground, fell into bed and fell asleep quickly. The camera moves down slowly, the lower part of the bed turns into the sky gradually, and the woman falls from the sky in a soft cloud, the camera moves up, the cloud becomes smaller and smaller. The environment around the cloud is moving rapidly, the woman is not lying on a cloud, is the back of a big bird.

The bird landed on a tree, and the woman slipped from the bird’s back onto a flower. The camera moved up again, the tree was full of flowers with gentle sunshine on it. The camera moves up to the flower and bird on the quilt and pillow where the woman lying.

The alarm clock ranging suddenly. The woman`s arm reached out from the quilt and turned off the alarm clock. She got up and opened the curtain, and the sun poured in. The flowers and birds on the quilt seemed to feel the sun, shaking their petals and wings.


The brand I chose to redesign is a Chinese bedding set brand–love feel Bedding Set. Why I chose bedding set to rebrand is because recently, my sleep quality is very poor. I think mostly is because of that my bedding set is not so comfortable, they are too hard. I felt that my mind was in a daze and I had no energy to do anything after I wake up, this made me realize the important of bedding, so I decided to rebrand bedding. Compared with other bedding brands, the products of this brand have no age restrictions, but also are not very competitive in the market, because most of the market share of Chinese bedding is occupied by some old bedding brands which has a long history, they have a high reputation in consumers, and it is not easy to defeat them, so I hope this brand can win in identity and atmosphere, that is the weakness of these old brands.

I didn`t found so much resources about rebranding on Zcool. Project3 Bedding Set-公开的收藏夹-站酷 (ZCOOL)