The brand I chose to redesign is a Chinese bedding set brand–love feel Bedding Set. Why I chose bedding set to rebrand is because recently, my sleep quality is very poor. I think mostly is because of that my bedding set is not so comfortable, they are too hard. I felt that my mind was in a daze and I had no energy to do anything after I wake up, this made me realize the important of bedding, so I decided to rebrand bedding. Compared with other bedding brands, the products of this brand have no age restrictions, but also are not very competitive in the market, because most of the market share of Chinese bedding is occupied by some old bedding brands which has a long history, they have a high reputation in consumers, and it is not easy to defeat them, so I hope this brand can win in identity and atmosphere, that is the weakness of these old brands.

I didn`t found so much resources about rebranding on Zcool. Project3 Bedding Set-公开的收藏夹-站酷 (ZCOOL)