Week 12 Branding Story

The story I made for love feel bedding set is:

A woman dragged her tired body back home. threw her coat and bag on the ground, fell into bed and fell asleep quickly. The camera moves down slowly, the lower part of the bed turns into the sky gradually, and the woman falls from the sky in a soft cloud, the camera moves up, the cloud becomes smaller and smaller. The environment around the cloud is moving rapidly, the woman is not lying on a cloud, is the back of a big bird.

The bird landed on a tree, and the woman slipped from the bird’s back onto a flower. The camera moved up again, the tree was full of flowers with gentle sunshine on it. The camera moves up to the flower and bird on the quilt and pillow where the woman lying.

The alarm clock ranging suddenly. The woman`s arm reached out from the quilt and turned off the alarm clock. She got up and opened the curtain, and the sun poured in. The flowers and birds on the quilt seemed to feel the sun, shaking their petals and wings.