Week 13 and 14

Slogans I wrtite:

  1. Dream as horse, going to the ocean of stars.
  2. I`ll compensate you the tenderness that the world doesnt give you.
  3. Night is dark, let me raise stars and moon for you.
  4. The end of the night is wireless tenderness the universe left to you.
  5. Late at night, a magnifying glass of emotion.

drafts of logo and styleguide:


I tried drawing with software first, but I`m not familiar with it and drwaing very slow, so I change to handrawing.

Final Effect:

Design Brief:

Posters is inspired by a I saw on the Internet.

The logo is inspired by a saying from a Japan designer-Kenya Hara. he said: The symbol itself does not represent anything, but the more abstract and meaningless it is, better. that`s why I add a light blue part on the top left corner.

So I use a square as background, symbolize bed. dark blue symbolize night. color psychology said, blue can make people calm. The light blue on the top left corner symbolize quilt, same with poster.


I saw this poster in a video talking about layout, don`t know who is the designer.

日本蛋糕甜品店 Châteraisé 推出由 佐藤可士和 设计的新LOGO – 标志情报局 (logonews.cn)