Seminar presentation – Tim Ferriss 

The topic of my presentation is American author, entrepreneur, investor, adviser, TV host, blogger, podcaster and public speaker – Tim Ferriss.


I would like to introduce Tim to as many people as possible as I believe a good portion of his content would be useful for many in their various endeavours in life.


In 2011 Tim Ferriss become the first author to sign with Amazon Publishing. Due to objections about Amazon’s business practices some of the largest bookstores led by Barnes & Noble blacklisted Ferriss which helped to cultivate his unique, yet ultimately successful business approaches. 


Tim is extremely innovative with his marketing. For his first book ‘The 4-Hour Workweek’, he took 6 prospective titles that everyone could live with including ‘Broadband and White Sand’, ‘Millionaire Chameleon’ and The 4-Hour Workweek then developed a Google AdWords campaign for each. He bid on keywords related to the books content including ‘401k’ and ‘language learning’, when those keywords formed part of someone’s search on Google the prospective title popped up as a headline and the advertisement text would be the subtitle. Ferriss was interested to see which of the sponsored links would be clicked on most, knowing that he needed his title to compete with over 200,000 books published in the US each year. At the end of the week, for less than $200 he knew that ‘The 4-Hour Workweek’ had the best click-through rate by far and he went with that title.


For his second book The 4-Hour Body he run a competition on his website to design the cover.


Tim has shown himself to be a very astute operator and has put a lot of thought into knowing who his audience is. “Ferriss knew that his books would appeal to people like him – 18-35 year old tech-savvy males. So he identified 10-15 blogs that captured the attention of this demographic and hit those first. Having his story land on a blog like TechCrunch would put him directly in front of his target audience in a way that a spot on Oprah wouldn’t. ‘People in the same tribe will listen to you with less resistance,’ Ferriss says. Plus, convincing a producer on a big show to feature you in a spot is nearly impossible without hitting the smaller outlets first”.


Tim actively promotes his content though a number of social media platforms with Facebook being his primary source updated daily. He sends out a weekly newsletter email and the 5-Bullet Friday which is a quick summary of “the five coolest things I’ve found (or explored) that week”.


All of his content is free to download from the internet with the exception of the published books and Fear(less) TV. The podcasts are sponsored by two companies who spruik their product at the start of the show.


It would be remiss of me to suggest to Tim Ferriss how to better promote himself, he clearly puts in a lot of analysis into optimising this side of his media empire. He thoroughly researches his topics and business practices and applies accordingly. He’s moved on from his original demographic of 18-35 year old tech-savvy males for ‘The 4-Hour Workweek’ to a much wider demographic as he’s broadened his content and media presence.


Do you want to be the best version of “you”? Tim Ferriss offers the tools to optimise your body and mind to achieve success in multiple facets of life. He’s interviewed and worked with many of the best in the world in their chosen field. He’s disseminated their tactics, habits, routines, what makes them tick. The first steps have already been taken, the rest is up to you.


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