The importance of sound

What is one song which has special meaning to you and why? Alone by Ben Harper. My friend had a spare ticket to Ben Harper’s concert on a Sunday afternoon back in 1997. I had never heard of Ben prior to then. We listened to a few songs before the concert, however, nothing prepared me for what lay ahead. Ben received 4 standing ovations. After the third he came out by himself, all the lights in the theatre were turned off with only one spotlight focusing solely on Ben seated in the middle of the stage, with a slide guitar. It was, and always will be, the most emotive concert I have ever attended. Going by the applause given I’m guessing many others thought the same way. I was unable to find a recording of the concert I attended, however here is another version

What connotations (thoughts and associations) do you have with heavy metal? Loud music, bourbon, and angry guys in black clothing with tattoos.


What connotations do you have with piano instrumentals? Years of practice, diligence, dedication, and perseverance.


What message do you think silence gives in a movie? It allows the viewer to create their own dialogue and/or score. It can be highly evocative and emotive.



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