“Music takes you to a different place… It takes you out of your surroundings so you can find inspiration wherever you are.” 

Born in 1999 in South Africa and now living in Nelson, Jason Oldfield is a 19-year-old student currently studying his first year of the Bachelor of Arts and Media at NMIT after taking a gap year in 2018 to experiment with artistic expression and to establish his sense of place in the creative world. 

His passion for dance in his younger years was the catalyst for influencing his interest in creativity and therefore allowing him to branch his sources of inspiration out into the worlds of fashion design, photography and a diverse range of music; from Frank Ocean and The Smiths, to “grimy rap” and Led Zeppelin, all of which have influenced his creative worldview and his overall style which he describes as “1980’s New York” – an era of free artistic expression and an eclectic urban style. 

Escapism through the multi-dimensional medium of music plays a large role in influencing both his introspective nature and creative expression through visuals. Jason’s recent collaborations with up-and-coming Nelson rapper “Rob The Bank” allowed him to express his combined passion for photography, film and music and to find his sense of place behind the lens through creating music videos and promotional content for the rapper. 

While the end goal for his time at NMIT is still unclear, one thing he is certain about is that his artistic expression can be delivered through any platform. Creativity is always in a constant state of flux which allows for endless possibilities for growth as an artist through experimentation.

In the meantime, you can follow his journey over on https://blogs.nmit.ac.nz/jasonandrew99 


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