People should not die for fashion. Full stop.

The event I want to focus on is “Swap ‘Til You Drop“, a public clothing swap run by a global non-profit organisation: Fashion Revolution, at Founder’s Park, Nelson. This is an event where the public can meet to swap their clothing and upcycle their wardrobes in a sustainable way, with the collective goal to combat fast-fashion and the unethical system of the fashion industry.

Fashion Revolution‘s main goal is to create and increase awareness and transparency about the supply chain, ethics and fairness of the clothing manufacturing industry. After the tragic Rana Plaza garment factory collapse in Bangladesh on the 24th of April, 2013, which killed 1138 people and injured thousands more, “Fashion Revolution Week” was established. During this week (22nd-28th April), Fashion Revolution works to encourage brands and retailers to have complete transparency about the clothing they are producing and selling. They promote ethical fashion and want to educate people about the damage fast fashion causes to encourage consumers to rethink their consumption habits.

You can read Fashion Revolution’s full manifesto here: Revolution

The Rana Plaza garment factory collapse that killed 1138 people.
24th April 2013, Bangladesh.

The fashion industry has catastrophic effects on both the environment and the people involved in supplying and making clothing. Garment makers often work in harsh conditions (sweatshops), working for long hours, while being exploited and abused and making barely a fraction of the retail price of the clothes they are producing. During Fashion Revolution week, the hashtags #whomademyclothes and #imadeyourclothes are used on social media to establish transparency and awareness regarding the ethics of the supply chain of clothing. 

I am passionate about ethical and sustainable fashion and want to encourage others to be more mindful about what and how they consume, especially as the fashion industry is a career I hope to be involved with in the future and quite frankly, being ethical and sustainable in our consumption choices is the only way forward if we want to have an inhabitable earth in the near future. Through creating an online ‘zine or blog, I want to create awareness about sustainable fashion and give advice about ethical practices to combat fast fashion and the exploitation of factory workers/people involved in the supply chain of the fashion industry. It would be a platform to discuss issues, break misconceptions and promote events such as “Swap ‘Til You Drop”, to encourage people to get involved in creating a brighter and more ethical future. Bottom line is: the wellbeing of people, animals and the environment should never be exploited in the name of fashion, and we, as consumers, have the power to make an incredible change and create, quite literally, a revolution in the fashion industry.


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