Maybe honesty really is the best policy.

Fashion Revolution’s strong regard for transparency allows their supporters to gain access to important and relevant information with respect to ethical consumerism and working towards the vision of fairer supply chains in the clothing manufacturing industry.

Fashion Revolution has a strong online following: amassing 270K followers on Instagram, 98K on Facebook and 43.6K on Twitter. Fashion Revolution is very vocal on their social media platforms and strongly encourage their followers to get involved with the movement through using hashtags such as #whomademyclothes and #imadeyourclothes to break the barriers between consumers and suppliers.

The content shared on their social media platforms is easily digestible for social media users and the impact is infectious – gaining thousands of re-posts and hashtag engagements. The hashtag “#whomademyclothes” has been posted over 458,600 times on Instagram by users showing their support for the movement. Not only does Fashion Revolution promote themselves through social media, but through their website where they host podcasts and have an online zine containing intimate interviews with garment workers and those in the clothing manufacturing supply chain. By using various platforms to deliver themselves on, they are reaching a diverse range of people and continuously spreading awareness about ethical fashion.

The effectiveness of their online presence is reflected through the impressive change they have made in the fashion industry. Since their establishment in 2015, Fashion Revolution has made appearances in notable publications such as Vogue, Marie Claire, Refinery29, The Huffington Post and The Guardian. During Fashion Revolution Week in April 2018, an estimated 3500 articles were written about the organisation.

Since 2015, Fashion Revolution have caught the attention of over 3,800 clothing brands all of which have responded to the hashtag #whomademyclothes by posting real information and photographs of their suppliers and workers with the hashtag “#imadeyourclothes”, an action that creates greater transparency and awareness about consumerism and the clothing industry, in the hopes that consumers will be more conscious about their actions and be more mindful of the people behind the clothing.

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Fashion Revolution Website

Fashion Revolution Online Zine


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