Hi, I’m Sophie. I’m an 18-year-old arts and media student based in sunny Nelson, New Zealand. I am passionate about photography, film-making, graphic design and all things creative. My photography style is mainly based on portrait and fashion photography. I love film-making because of its ability to combine various elements together to create a beautiful piece of moving art.

When I am asked what inspires me to be creative, I am reminded of how life itself and the world around us is the most powerful source of inspiration. Life is the most inspiring muse:  from music to literature, to emotions and the people we meet, our world is constantly feeding us creative inspiration.

I look up to creative women such as Kate Bush, PJ Harvey, Frida Kahlo & Sophie Muller. It’s a dream of mine to direct music videos, especially as my main source of inspiration is music and the imagery that comes with it. For me, music is a very multi-dimensional medium which allows for endless possibilities of creative interpretation and visual expression.

I hope that studying the Bachelor of Arts & Media helps me develop new skills to establish myself as a Kiwi female artist working in the creative industries, specifically working with lens-based media.


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