Music and moving imagery

What is one song which has special meaning to you and why? (share a link to it in your answer)

This song talks about going on a journey, about not settling for something that is just OK and pretending to be someone else, just for fun, just for one night.

It reminds me of nights shared with my friends driving around my city, to “feel the wind in our hair”, to talk about nothing and everything, to enjoy each other’s company.

What connotations (thoughts and associations) do you have with heavy metal?

Heavy metals reminds me of the 90s, but also makes me think of release, release of anger and frustration through listening and dancing in the mosh pit.

What connotations do you have with piano instrumentals?

This one is a mixed bag. It can be very emotional and evocative (like the score for August Rush), but when not done right, it can be very cheesy and overdone.

What message do you think silence gives in a movie?

It can create suspense, specially in thrillers and horror movies. It is also great for dramatic effect or for letting words or scenes really sink in. In some films the silence takes up so much space they end up feeling like silent movies. “Down by law” by Jim Jarmousch is a good example of that.


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