I’d like you to meet someone

Hair of a pixie, heart of a giant

Within five minutes of chatting to Tara you will find yourself sharing laughter, embarrassing stories and “pearls of wisdom”. In exchange, she will offer tips on how to present your baked goods, snippets of life in a house bus and distant memories of living room dancing.

Dig a little more and you discover that music is the thread that ties together Tara’s “bingo!” moments: from learning to play percussions and string instruments, to exploring her culinary prowess, to finding her true voice in visual art.  

In the forest by the sea

Wellingtonian by birth, Nelsonian by choice, Tara swapped grey city hues for the blue palette of the sea. The peace and quiet offered by the forested hills, interrupted only by birdsong, are the icing on her Nelson cake.

The change is more than geographical; it’s tangible. Tara is “leaving behind that old shell” and “blooming into a new one”. Her artistic voice is being shaped by her surroundings, by the patterns and symmetry offered by nature, the people she meets, the new artists she comes across in her studies.

“Try everything”

NMIT is like a candy store to Tara. Surrounded by like-minded people and encouraged to experiment, her passion for colour, repetition and textiles is blossoming into beautiful images, both digital and analogue, powered by the fundamentals of graphic design and photography.

Keep an eye on this one! Curious, keen and true to who she really is, Tara is set to go places – literally and figuratively.

To find out more about Tara, visit her blog.


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