Introducing Fēnix Constructs

I am a maker. I like keeping my hands busy and my head clear. If I can, I create the new out of the old and preloved. Repurposed objects and materials have a story to tell and, with resources being more and more scarce, everything has become precious.

During the summer holidays I decided it was time to bring my creations out in public. I booked stall space at a couple of markets and came up with a name for my little creatures: Fēnix Constructs. The name stuck because it acknowledges the materials I use and recognises the possibility that my 3D creations may evolve from jewellery to other forms.

On a good week, I dedicate 2-3 hours to working on Fēnix Constructs’ social media presence (mainly Instagram) and I work on new pieces whenever I can, building on the feedback gathered at the markets and online. Along the way I have met some like-minded people, found out what some of my “ingredients” used to be in their former life and even managed to sell some pieces.

I would like to promote Fēnix Constructs on a more regular basis, to bring the brand to life through sharing my processes, my concepts and my values. If, along the way, I end up selling some jewellery that would be a definite bonus! I also hope to meet other object makers, collaborate with them and exchange knowledge. 

Learning is the spice of life and there are countless flavours to explore. 

“All tangled” earrings

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