Baptism by fire (AKA the rebirth of the Fēnix Constructs brand)

Do you always root for the underdog? Do you like supporting small business that are doing the hard yards to get better (but not necessarily bigger)? Yes?

Well, I’m afraid that if you’ve just answered yes (even if no one heard you), you are automatically considered an honourable guest of Fēnix Constructs’ (first) 10 minutes of glory!

Come along to the NMIT Library (first floor, room M209) on Monday 17th June 2019 at 1pm (ish) to find out how I plan to raise a sleeping brand from its ashes (pun intended). If you are lucky, there may even be goodies involved!

If you are one of those rare beasts who still enjoys reading more than two paragraphs, here is an outline of my rambling thoughts on the upcoming event.

Fēnix Constructs is turning one in December. To celebrate the occasion, a rebirth of sorts is in order.

Having narrowed down the brand’s target audience, it is time to put pen to paper, and keyboard to screen, to define the identity behind the brand: its ethos, its voice, values and goals.

Building content for both web and print will help support that identity, locally and globally, while creating a signature look that potential buyers and collaborators will in time associate with Fēnix Constructs.

Connecting with online audiences will organically create a community that will eventually speak on behalf of Fēnix Constructs both online and offline.


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