Curtains up… time to share the Fēnix Constructs story

The final frame of an experimental Fēnix stop motion

Let’s be honest: no one likes public speaking. Whether you have done it once or a million times, the proverbial “butterflies” still make an appearance.

You have prepared, you think you have it covered, then your hands start shaking, you click the wrong button, go forward two slides instead of one and “your cool” leaves the building.

Despite experiencing all of the above, I think yesterday’s presentation went well. I am pretty sure the jewellery table, the sparkly nail polish and the excessive hand waving successfully distracted the audience from some of the less slick moments. I did manage to cover most of the points I had listed in my plan – a surprise given I normally go into panic mode and jump back and forth like a caged chinchilla. It must have been the good vibes sent by the friendly faces in the room!

Fēnix Constructs’ very first business card

I kicked off with a bit of background, explained how Fēnix Constructs came about and where it is at. I shared my research findings and went on to list my goals and objectives for this relaunch project. The audience got a sneak preview of Fēnix Constructs’ ethos and values (version 2) and its revised personas.

Meet Meg, John, Emma and Ben – Fēnix Constructs’ marketing personas

The rest of the presentation was all about the how: from logo design and brand identity, to supporting materials (tag lines, hashtags, images, video and short press release), social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest) and points of sale investigation (website hosts, markets and galleries). I even envisaged a little end of project celebration at my favourite bar…

But you can’t talk about the how and the now without becoming curious about the later… so I closed my talking slot by sharing what is next on Fēnix Constructs’ agenda.

Fēnix Constructs’ new business card
A magazine article mock up

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