Who am I?

The back story

– black & white, film grain, soft focus

Italian rooftop view

I was born in the land of great food, beautiful women, fast cars and football. I eat takeaways, have a roman nose, drive a Daihatsu Sirion and sport two left feet.

My compatriots are often described as fiery, emotional and theatrical. I like to think that we are balanced beings who enjoy sipping coffee while discussing the latest art trends. One can dream, right?

Sadly art remained a dream of mine for years, while I studied at business school and worked many parent-approved “real jobs”. I am not sure how it happened, but my creative mind finally broke free from its reality-induced stupor and gave rest of me a boot up the proverbial… I came down with the worst case of itchy feet ever!

Lost & found

– oversaturated, sharpened

Fast forward 20 years of roaming the earth in search of “something” and you find me here in New Zealand, half a globe away from where I began. With two loving creatures at my side, it feels like a good place and the perfect time to start (again).

So I am trying to learn new things about art, and myself, while sharing fears and dreams with like-minded creative beings, and generally despairing at my dreadful drawing skills.

The official excuse for my adult study adventure is an interest in graphic design (yep, still hung up on finding a real job). Along the way I fell in love with the possibilities of body adornment and struggled with the notion that I am not as good at painting as I thought I was… but, hey, there is always photography!

Now what?

– 35mm home video, a little shaky

I sort of know where I come from, but I never really know where I am going. I do strive to know where I am… most of the time.

Well that’s more than enough about me. If you want more, just get in touch!


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