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Rosa and Her Artistic Journey So Far…

Rosa Coutts is currently a student at NMIT studying the New Zealand Diploma in Arts and Design. Rosa was originally a self-taught Artist, she started this course in hopes to learn about the proper process behind different mediums and expand her skill set with different mediums and techniques. Since starting this course, she has developed an interest in oil painting.

Rosa naturally started her artistic journey as a child and was encouraged by her family. She liked to draw, paint and sew – she used to cut up old clothes from opp shops and make them in to clothes for her Pippa dolls, then later started making clothes for her friends. Rosa still likes to sew in her limited spare time and she would like to learn how to incorporate fabric design in her studies of graphic design here at NMIT. Here are some garments Rosa has made already:

Rosa finds inspiration from wacky artists such as Tim Walker and Vivienne Westwood. Rosa is captivated by Walkers wondrous style and ability to make a photograph look like total fantasy. She also admires Westwoods strong stance and early punk aesthetic. “Everything she does is her own thing, she doesn’t do it to please anybody else. She’s doing it because she likes it.” Rosa said.

See about Rosa here:

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