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Rikki Poynter

Rikki Poynter is a YouTuber I have been subscribed to and have been following for roughly three years. In total, Rikki’s YouTube channel has just hit three million views and her most popular video has over 530,000. She is deaf and also suffers other chronic health issues that she covers on her channel. She talks about these subjects in her YouTube videos and in her travels all over America. She is well known for her campaign #NoMoreCRAPtions targeted towards influencers/YouTubers. Her aim is to influence the YouTubers/influencers to write their own subtitles instead of the auto-generated subtitles provided by YouTube which are inaccurate, inappropriate and as a result, quite often hilariously wrong. Therefore, the subtitles are a form of miscommunication to the deaf community.  As a member of this community I ultimately find this frustrating and fully support her campaign.

 I like the fact that Rikki is an advocate for the deaf community and is addressing this problem of the miscommunication in subtitles on YouTube. I would like to find a way to persuade New Zealand YouTubers to get on board with Rikki and her campaign. Initially I would like to start out by focusing on persuading smaller NZ YouTubers, ones who are just starting out, rather than focusing on the very successful NZ YouTubers however I would still like to give them a shot. This is why I have chosen to promote Rikki Poynter, because I personally relate to her campaigns subject and I highly support it.


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