Why I chose to get a Diploma in Art.

I have been told my whole life you won’t ever get a career in art as much as I heard it apart of me still thought it would be worth a try. If you like something do it because at the end of the day other people’s opinions does not determine where you can go in life.

Why I chose it?

Why would you want to spend your whole existence doing something you don’t want to do, what we can achieve is up to us only and so that is why I chose it, I want to share and create pieces not only because I enjoy doing so but because I know without Art this world would be dull. The world is so full of negativity and to me creating artwork people can not only relate to but understand gives them hope and a feeling of purpose. Everyone needs reassurance about their reason for living and I hope one day my artwork can do that for them.

Going to a course helps you figure out how you want to achieve your outcome for your artwork, how you portray it. I’m still trying to figure out how I want to which is exactly why I chose to do this, it’s a stepping stone to something bigger if you wanted that.

You can do whatever you want to do, don’t let adults or any person tell you who you can or cannot be; that is up to no one but you.