About Me

My name is Te Awhina Dixon who is originally from the Taranaki area in the North island moving to Nelson with my Mother to have a fresh start. I have always loved the art industry and find it is a way to express your emotions or beliefs if you are unable to do so with words.

Being creative in any way possible is my way to show people how I think and feel, everyone creates art for their own personal reasons but each individual has their own perception of an image/artwork which I find beautiful.

“Art wasn’t suppose to look nice; it was suppose to make you feel something”. -Rainbow Rowell.

That is something I always like to focus on, not the image itself but the way that image makes you feel.

Ikigai is a Japanese practice they use to as they like to say “Reason for waking up in the morning”. This is quite significant to me because I got Ikigai tattooed on my arm in Japanese before it was assigned to us. I got it because I know it’ll give me a better understanding on who I want to become.

Te Awhina’s Ikigai
That which you are good at: Understanding emotion, Drawing
That which you love: Animals, Nature, creativity, Music.
That which the world needs: Compassion, Kindness, Open minded, Understanding.
That which you can be paid for: Helping others with my work ( I am still unsure of).
Passion: Photography, Music, Painting.
Mission: Unsure
Vocation: Unsure
Profession: Unsure.