Michael Di Leva’s Bio


Written by Te Awhina Dixon

Growing up in a creative family Michael Di Leva automatically became interested in the industry. His brothers are all creative, but he is the only one that has decided to try pursuing it.

“I can see a whole lot of art in civil engineering being bridges or highway layouts. Art to me can be seeing a large structural object being modelled down to a 144th scale eg. Airport or living complex”. 

Art comes in different forms so to him Art is Architectural (relating to the art or practice of designing and constructing buildings). He loves the structure and design of buildings, airports or Planes and the way each were created. A great example is Madurodam, an entire miniature city that you can walk through, located in Holland.

Madurodam is a miniature park and tourist attraction in the ...

As a past Art student he has finally realised what he wanted to do especially involving creativity, Maybe not necessarily being at where he wants to be at this point of time but slowly finding a way to achieve it. I asked him why he wanted to try pursuing art going to an art course.

“I chose this Art course because I wanted to feel more connected to art and make it feel as I had a meaning towards it. I love working in and around art as it gives me joy when I create something with my own hands. Be it painting, building or object modeling. Also, so I could use many materials and objects to create art as a meaning to myself”.

I have come to notice Di Leva has very mechanical but creative mindset he was telling me he would think step by step on how each item would be placed and what it would look like in his head creating a 3D image so he knew exactly what to do in each step.

Even though he is yet peruse it he certainly capable to do so.