Tsuta Sake to be sold for large undisclosed sum plus $10 and a jar of M&M’s

Source: www.maxpixel.net/And-The-Wind-Japan-Cuisine-Sake-Kaiseki-2336230

Following a visually stunning and highly informative ‘death by Powerpoint’ presentation at the Whottsup Beaches Resort and Conference Centre on Monday, Tsuta Ramen of Japan has offered to purchase Tsuta Sake.

The deal, subject to OIO approval, will see the founder of Tsuta Sake, Bo Andrews, walk away with a large sum of money. Asked for comment, Bo told us that he was at first reluctant to sell, but when offered the incentives of an extra $10 and a jar of M&M’s it was a deal just too good to refuse. He also mentioned that he is now living the New Zealand dream of building up a company and having it being bought out by overseas interests.

Although a sad day for sake in New Zealand, the purchase will allow Japanese dictionary publishers to redefine the word Tsuta as ‘ivy’ and pave the way for a new culinary delight of sake infused ramen.

Thankful that he will never have to do a sake presentation again, Bo Andrew’s will now concentrate on building up his next ventures; selling flour in a can for the lazy man and making beaches safer again by eradicating pesky crabs.