Riding Thunderhoof Jenkins with Bo Andrews

Welcome to Thunderhoof Jenkins, an experimental blog space for the arty endeavours of Bo Andrews.

Bo Andrews is currently an art student at NMIT, returning to study something that actually interests him after being really quite bored for the past 20 years. Thunderhoof Jenkins is either the name of a mighty steam locomotive or a horse. Bo has not quite made up his mind on that issue yet, but he likes the name.

Reluctant to self promote and no fan of technology, creating and maintaining this blog will surely be a steep learning curve for the reclusive artist. Bo will sporadically update this page with all things related to his adventures in painting, photography, graphic design, creative writing and weekly line dancing lessons (maybe not the latter).

So saddle up your stead or jump on the footplate and check back in every now and then to see the creative journey of Bo Andrews.