The rise and rise of Tsuta Sake

I couldn’t find a picture of sake blasting off into space.

Tsuta Sake has recently completed its first year of operation and is well on the way to producing high quality still and sparkling sake. There is much excitement about this new product and how it has burst onto the scene seemingly from out of thin air. People are intrigued by sake, they want to know what it is, whether it can actually be used in two-stroke lawnmowers and more importantly, how Tsuta Sake has achieved success in such a short period of time.

The founder of Tsuta Sake has been forced by his bank managers to give a short presentation to any AD511 student who is interested in learning about sake brewing in New Zealand and the promotional activities of our nation’s hottest fictitious upstart.

Unfortunately, there will be no taste testing at the presentation, but there will be a large bag of rice, some colour pictures and quite possibly an empty bottle on display. So come along. You know where. You know when.