Presentation summery – Bethesda visit competition

For my presentation I made up a fictional competition in which anyone above the age of 16, those who are predominantly gamers, can enter to have a chance at winning a guided tour through the Bethesda offices in Rockville Maryland US, along with other prizes. I chose this idea because I have always enjoyed playing video games and one of my favorite game developers is Bethesda, and this competition would be a dream to win.

Bethesda is a game development company known for having made the recent Fallout games and The Elder Scrolls series.

Everyone must over the age of 16 to enter. To enter you will have to go and click on the link then enter the details required. Email, Location, etc.

The prizes that 6 people will win are, A guided tour through the Bethesda offices with a behind the scenes look at how the game was made. A play test session before any other members of the public gets to play it. Plus getting a copy of the game before anyone else. Also taking a home a bag filled with goodies.

A photo shopped mockup of what the video starring Todd Howard, director executive producer at Bethesda, announcing and explaining the competition.

A photo shopped twitter post of the video announcing the competition.

There would also be a Facebook post with the video and also subsequent updates followed by the announcement of the winners posted on all social media platforms that Bethesda use.



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