CGI502 3D Modelling Research
Stranger than Strange (personal project), Marcus Whinney, 2019, Zbrush

I like the idea of the split mouth, gives the create an inhuman quality
Stranger Than Strange Creature Concept 02, Marcus Whinney, 2019, Zbrush

I like the look of this split mouth, the size of the mouth flaps
Flower Demogorgons, David Romero, 2017, digital

In these designs the artist offers alternative designs of the Demogorgon re-imagined as plant monsters. I like the idea of the mouth being that similar to a plant.
Apotheosis\Monsters , Sherbakov Stanislav, 2019, Digital

I like the elongated limbs in combination with the animalistic and human qualities.
Details unknown

I want to try use some sort of native plants or animals, and I like the look of the tuatara and think it could fit well for the model I want to create.

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