Additional research 
Tuatara, Tan Bi, 2015 

I liked the idea of making my character look like a tuatara, giving that link to the New Zealand natural environment 
Satoshi kawasaki

I had the thought of possibly making the character have more lizard-like anatomy 
Rakka – Klum Armor, Swang, 2017 

After re-watching the Sci-fi short film Rakka, I was enamored with the design of the aliens 
Rakka – Klum Armor, Swang, 2017 
OatsStudios-Rakka, Ian Spriggs, 2017 

I found this awesomely detailed motel of one of the Rakka aliens by one of the artists who worked on the short film
Lizard man, Jamie Evans, 2010, acrylic on canvas

A painting my brother did for me as a gift many years ago. The head has a very similar shape to what I would like.

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