CGI502 character texture progress

The first texture I created by using a texture I found and playing different colours and saturation on Photoshop.
The first texture, applied to the torso
The second texture I created by combining two different textures I found and changing the colour, to see how a brighter colour felt
I don’t like the repeating pattern
tried adding (changing around) the chest area to look more sort of like armour plating, as well as adding the back spines
Changed the uv map to make the chest area look better
, took a section off of the neck because it was distorting the texture.
separated the sides to stop the texture from stretching, as well as a small piece around the neck because the tip scar of the chest was being duplicated onto both sides.
The final UV map for the body, I decided I didn’t like
The first texture I tried for the head
I changed colour slightly and shrunk the texture because I think it looked better
different texture
shrunk texture
final head texture, more small adjustments around the mouth and continued the spine
The inside of the mouth. I found and used two fleshy looking textures to try make the inside of the mouth look as realistic as I could


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