CGI503 Environment

First attempt at making the environment.
Redid the ground to make it longer
Added forest floor texture which I found and edited to fit the whole floor
I added pine tree stand-ins and some models of tress which I had downloaded, which turned out to be too poly-dense
Added extra terrain
The trees found in the content browser had the issue of having the black background.
Because I could not get around the problem with the leaves at the time I decided to see how it looked with all leafless/dead trees.
I was able to solve the problem with the leaves after being shown a tutorial that actually worked.
I decided to use pine trees, for a few reasons. The texture I had chosen for the ground looked as if it had pine needles on it, as well as other trees offered in the content browser were either too low of quality or just didn’t fit with what I had in mind.
I added more trees, added HDRI to get proper lighting, which I ended up scrapping in favour of using the “physical sky” light, as it gave shadows and lighting that I preferred.
I rearranged trees and ground to create a secondary shot.
I created a third environment, crashed escape pod.
Added trees and extended the debris path.
Added more trees and improved the debris path.
Added lights along the debris path which will be fire.
I made a scene in which the escape pod is falling through clouds which.


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