CGI502 Modelling Progress

I first tried using a reference image of a regular person and then going to change it. But abandoned that shortly after, in favour of starting from scratch with a reference drawing of my creature.
The front view of the reference drawing for my character. I took inspiration from the native New Zealand lizard, Tuatara, the demogorgon from the Netflix series Stranger things, as well as the aliens from the sci-fi short film Rakka.
The side view of my creature

I first started with the head, forming it to the same shape as the side reference drawing.
I then extruded and extended down to create the body.
I extruded the arms out
Then I extruded the legs out into the rough shape, as well removing the head and extruding the neck out and up to restart.
Extruded the four jaw segments and shaped them by increasing the amount of segmenting lines and pushing and pulling them into the right place.
I rigged the mouth to see how it looked closed so I could then make adjustments.
I continued to add segments to increase detail,
more segments
extruded the hands from the arms
issues with the mesh deforming
issues with the mesh deform
re-did the body, tried both extruding the arms from the body, and making one separate
re-made the body again, keeping the arms seprate
Remade the head, being careful to not make irregular divisions
re-making the leg separate from the body
added the toes and details like the ankle, knee and shape of the calf muscle
Putting the legs with the rest of the body
The paint weights automatically applied to the head were not sufficient, so I had to change them so that would not deform the head too severely

Made a hand separate from the rest of the body
Mostly finished character
Added restraints to cover wrist and neck connection points, although I am unsure if I will use them in the final model.
First idea for gun, lots of curves to give it an alien sort of feel
softened the edges and accentuated the curves
Tried a different barrel piece
made the curves on the gun far more obvious, as well as adding tendrils which extend from the front of the gun
Tried to make the whole body out of the tendrils. Too tedious and pro
The finished gun model with texture
Character pose, unfinished details
Base plate, I used a texture that I felt looked similar to what the ground of a wooded area would look like.
Added rocks to make it look less empty
Decided to create an escape pod to help with the visual story telling. Along with remaking the base plate.

Peer feedback

I felt the feed back I had gotten could possibly improve my character somewhat, but I chose not to pursue the changes due to time limitations.

Final Character turntable

Reflection – Time Management

At the beginning of the course I feel I used my time well, spent most time in class working on my modeling while listening to any tutorials that may have been useful, then going home and spending a fair amount of time continuing work on it.

During the corona virus lock-down I felt it was a good opportunity to use my time effectively and put a good amount of it into progressing my model. I spent most days, at least 4-5 hours some days longer, working on my model and the textures. By the time we came out of lock-down I had finished my character, leaving me plenty of time to then work on the animation.


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