CGI503 Rigging and Animation progress

The first attempt at rigging the mouth
Effected the rest of the body
Too many irregular divisions on the head
rigged legs
rigged character minus hands
Mouth rig
The paint weights automatically applied to the head were not sufficient, so I had to change them so that would not deform the head too severely
full character rig
model of character + rigging
play blast showing the movement of the mouth
play blast testing joint movement mainly of the arms
One of the biggest issues I have encountered while working with maya on my personal computer is this fatal error I began encountering whenever I wanted to alter the skin weights of the torso.
looking at the skin stretching around the shoulders
deformation of the area around the shoulder
problem- arm bending awkwardly when moving the wrist
I was able to fix the problem by adding another joint between the wrist and elbow, and applying the most of the skin weights for the lower arm to the new joint.
Adding in controllers
After having added controls to the arms I encountered the problem of the arms deforming weirdly when I tried use the controls. This issue seemed to only be resolved by removing all rotation limits on all arm joints. Because I encountered this issue and did not solve it for quite a long time, I did not have controllers applied to the arms for most of the animation choosing to have slight movement using the joints. I only applied them when I had more complex arm movement after resolving the issue.
The start of animating the walk cycle
Using the graph editor to help
Progression of walk cycle
Blocking out the animation

Peer feedback

I commented on the lack of arm controls previously

Final animation

Reflection – Issues encountered

Throughout the process of creating this animation I encountered many issues, some were fairly easy to solve but others proved to be more difficult. The first major issue I faced was the irregular deformation and unwanted movement of the body when I moved the mouth parts. At the time I solved it by separating the head from body, it was only a lot later that I realized the main issue was that I had not rigged the rest of the body. The takeaway from this experience was that I proceeded too far without fully understanding the software and how the rigging process worked.

The next issue I encountered was by far the worst. As I continued rigging my character I arrived the stage of applying the joint weights, while working on the body I discovered that it caused maya to crash when I tried to select anything else, this was obviously not good, as it made progress very slow. I tried a few different things to fix the problem, I copied what I had into a new project, I tried decreasing the poly count. ultimately I was not able to resolve this issue.

Another problem that arose was that of attaching the controllers to the joint. I tried several times and watched a few different tutorials on the matter but it continued to not work. I ended up leaving it quite late, after watching one last video on how to add the controls, it worked, I believe the issues may have had something to do with the nesting hierarchy, but i am not sure.


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