Def Poetry Jam (research)

Because may presentation is on slam poetry I can look at the most successful series of slam poetry which is the def poetry jam series.

Def poetry jam was created by Russell Simmons and it feel under his def jam umbrella. This means that this show would’ve had some popularity already, however some of their key ,marketing strategies come into play here. 

The took out a lot of T.V commercials which had a specific target audience. His demographic was the people the grew up in hip hop culture and this was made very clear in this commercial. It highlighted the need for the positive platform in that society and it expressed how this show was an important part of their current society and had a strong correlation to hip hop culture. This proved to be successful because instead of having people simply just wanting to watch, the people wanted to get involved. A lot more people actually applied to preform as well as bought tickets to the show and watched on t.v


They also used posters as a form of marketing.   

They again focused on reaching the people who lived in the midst of hiphop culture with these posters because they were their target demographic. Something they did really well was look at their most successful performers and had them headline in order to sell more tickets. Because a lot of the more successful poets were recurring on the show they were able to gain a following and thus have more people come out to see them. These posters were particularly good because they weren’t only used to stick up on the streets, they were social media posters which meant they had a far more vast reach without the printing costs. 

Lastly the most successful form of marketing for the Def Poetry Jam was youtube. Posting short snippets of poetry that was preformed on youtube definitely got a lot more people interested in this show because they go to sew what the content was like before they watched the full show. This is always a good idea for events because it people thinks its going to suck, they don’t want to invest time snd or money into watching the whole show or going to the show.


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