Team Bonding Activities

My team (three of us in total) participated in two of the four activities. The first was the blindfold task, in which we led and were led to different areas while blindfolded.

While leading, you become aware of different things that most people overlook in everyday life. For example, I had to point out a change of texture or elevation (the ground) so that the blindfolded person wasn’t surprised by sudden changes.

It doesn’t feel like you’re controlling them, because they’re still moving by their own accord. Proven by the fact that they can still hit you if you walk them into something. I noticed that while the blindfolded person was walking, they claim to be fine but you can tell they’re still cautious — which is very reasonable seeing as we’re not too familiar with each other and haven’t accumulated that much trust yet.

In the end, we managed to get him to the library. Not without some struggle though. But overall, it went exactly how I had expected. The blindfolded person didn’t completely trust us, preferring to take it slow. But enough to let us direct him. I’d argue that him walking slowly helped us direct him, as if he was walking full speed, we may not have had much time to direct him (or for him to react) before he walked into something.

I feel that we couldn’t have done any better in regard to the blindfolding task. We were able to communicate easily, and we weren’t rushing into things. It went as smoothly as it possibly could have, in my own opinion.

Next, we did the bamboo task. It consisted of lowering a bamboo stick in tandem with one another without letting your fingers leave the stick.

Of course, it was much easier with only three people. But I imagine that if we had more it would’ve become considerably harder. Only due to the fact that the top priority for most people is to keep their fingers on the stick, which means that a solid chunk of people will push upwards against the stick rather than lowering it.

If there are enough people, communication can help immensely. But in the case of the bamboo task, when there are not as many people, communication happens less because most of what’s going on is intuitive.


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  1. I love how you’ve put your own opinion and understanding on the activities.


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