What makes an ineffective team? It can range from a number of things, including poorly resolved/unresolved conflicts, lack of commitment/drive, lack of teamwork, lack of trust, lack of commonality, lack of management, and lack of clarity, etc. But… Read More

Te Tiriti of Waitangi

Who were major players in the formation of the Treaty of Waitangi? The naval captain, William Hobson arrived at the Bay of Islands on 29 January 1840 alongside his secretary, James Freeman. The two drew up some notes… Read More

Team Bonding Activities

My team (three of us in total) participated in two of the four activities. The first was the blindfold task, in which we led and were led to different areas while blindfolded. While leading, you become aware of… Read More

Observation of Body Language

As we speak I’m in the middle of the NMIT canteen area. It’s about 11:00 so you can expect to see a large group of people around. There are about 20 people doing various things. It’s obvious who… Read More


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