Appellation Marlborough Wine (AMW)

With no restrictions on varieties, regions, winemaking etc, the New Zealand industry has flourished due to a global market thirsty for our Sauvignon Blanc. While this has been great in providing cheap and cheerful well made wines, a number of local producers became concerned the Marlborough region had become a source of commodity wines and the reputation as a quality wine region, earned in the 1990s and 2000s was being eroded. This lead to the formation of the AMW group who, taking an old world approach, established a group who would champion quality and enshrine a set of rules to allow producers to declare they have met a range a determined criteria with the aim of further promoting and protecting the reputation of Marlborough wine, in particular Sauvignon Blanc. Fruit source (100% Marlborough), varietal use (100% Sauv Blanc) are the corner stones, with yield limits and NZ bottling also added to the requirements to meet the standard and allow the use of the AMW logo on the wine label.