Globalization of wine 1

Like many other industries, the wine industry is a global business, and the movement of wine from producing regions to consumers far away has always been part of the industry. Today with much of the volume of wine made in many countries produced by corporate international wine companies, is there really a risk that wine will become homogenous and has globalization been all bad?

I would argue no to both these questions, but preface it by saying I consider wine to be one of the most complex purchases that most consumers make, and how long can we expect supermarkets to have hundreds of different wine SKUs on there shelves?

Globalization has generally lifted the quality of many wines from around the global, the wave of flying winemakers that have travelled the globe bringing a scientific, and modern approach to winemaking has improved winemaking standards, reduced faults and generally provided consumers with fresher, cleaner and more reliable wines to drink. This has been bought some degree of homogenization but the benefits has far outweighed the negatives.

Foreign wine businesses have invested widely in some countries, NZ is a great example, they have provided much needed capital to help the growth of wineries and vineyards, but more importantly provided the all important route to market via their distribution networks to get the wines to the consumers.