Indevin visit

It was very interesting to visit Indevin, tour the site, examine the business and how it operates. As one of NZ’s largest wineries, the industrial scale of the facility is something to behold. With an obvious focus on SB, the winery has grown dramatically since when it first started processing fruit and the current layout of the site shows the importance of through planning when building large wineries. It is during the design phase that the modular systems of wineries can be implemented to allow sites to grow over time. I don’t think the original designer of the winery could have anticipated the scale of the current facility, otherwise things like the location and space for presses may have been designed differently.

The new tank farm including the use of smart bottom access tanks was very interesting and has provided a vision to what we would like to achieve at Cloudy Bay in the future. The integration of technology into tanks via density meters, radar ullage monitoring etc allow the ability to do away with catwalks, minimizing the working at height and earthquake risks to employees.

The system of dry good management at vintage was also interesting, as it removed the risks of vintage cellar hands making incorrect additions to tanks (as did the lock system and shows the systems that must be developed and implemented when dealing with such a large workforce at a winery.