Wineworks visit

Again, like the Indevin visit, it was very interesting to visit Wineworks. While I am very familiar with bottling lines, as we have has our own at the 3 wineries I have worked for over the past 16 years. There has been a wave of large wineries closing there own bottling facilities in NZ, (Pernod Ricard, Matua, Giesen etc) and a wholesale shift by these wineries to either exporting wine in flexi tanks and bottling in the local market using company owned bottling facilities (for international corporates), local market contract bottlers or using NZ based contract bottlers such as Wineworks. In a similar fashion to Indevin, Wineworks has grown significantly in scale over the past 10 years to meet the demands of both smaller wineries, and the changes in the corporate businesses.

From my own experience, the bottling line and process, while on the face of it can appear simple, it is very complex and requires specialist skills, high capital costs, and a sizable team of operators to ensure the packaging quality and efficiency needed.

The service provided by Wineworks, from sourcing of glass, through bottling, palletising, warehousing and dispatch presents local wineries with a easy option to get there wines into bottles and out into the market.