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How to Remove White Background in Less Than 2 Minutes

Want to learn how to remove white background fast and easily? In this post, I will show you how to remove background in Adobe Photoshop. It will take you less than 2 minutes, and the result will be a really good-looking professional image.



Step #1 Open Adobe Photoshop and add an image

Pick an image of your choice. For this tutorial, I have chosen image in its original size, so the final template will be a rectangle.

Follow the below step to upload the image in Photoshop To open the image, Go to File → Open → Choose the image → Click Open

If you want to use the same image I’ve used in the tutorial, see the link below:



Step #2 Duplicate the layer

To duplicate the layer, right-click on the layer and select ‘Duplicate Layer’. You can also duplicate the layer pressing (Ctrl + J).

Tip: Always duplicate the layer if you work in Photoshop as it will protect your original file.


Step #3 Use the magic wand tool

Go to the toolbar and select the magic wand tool.

Then click on the white area of the image. See below


Step #4 Remove the background

Now once the image is selected, all you have to do is press the delete key on the keyboard to delete the white background.

Then press Ctrl + D to de-select the selection.


Step #5 Save the image

Once you remove the background, if you want to save the image so it retains its transparent background, you’ll have to save the image as a PNG file.

I can save the PNG file by click File → Export→  Export As and then select PNG and click Export.

And voila! Enjoy the final result.


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