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Why Visual Brand Identity is the Key To Your Success

Branding and visual identity are everywhere. Look closely, and you’ll see them on blogs, food labels, and all kinds of ads. Also, personal objects such as papers and business cards, have some sort of identification. The essence of visual brand identity design is to tell the story of a brand in a way that builds trust, recognition and enthusiasm.

The development of a brand identity is so much more than just simply designing a logo. Competition is more intense than ever, and technology has given consumers a lot of control. Now, in a matter of seconds, we can check and compare various brands. Almost subconsciously, through their visual representation, we shape instant opinions about a product. Therefore, a brand strategy is needed to ensure a positive brand experience so that a company is not overlooked during this critical phase of customer research.

Nowadays, it’s normal practice to Google a brand and it’s crucial how the company appears online.


Why is Visual Brand Identity important?

#1. Personality: The brand identity of a company is the visual reflection of ideas and “personality” of the brand. It essentially sets the tone of the brand and can be used to evoke specific feelings in the audience. A brand identity should be designed to communicate the overall message of the company and promote its business objectives.

Fig 1. Maison Orphee, Untitled, 2018, digital photo

#2. Consistency: Creating a brand identity helps to convey a clear message through all marketing materials. Each piece should have the same basic styles and design elements, creating a coherent branding package.

#3. Differentiation: Brand identification helps to separate the company from the market and to place the brand in an acceptable manner. Developing a competent, innovative identity design will help to attract potential customers in the market.

Fig 2. xkcd, Untitled, 2016, illustration

#4. Awareness: Developing a brand identity guarantees that the brand is at the forefront of all marketing materials, helping to increase brand awareness. The more places a brand appears, the more interaction it will make with consumers and the more enjoyable it will be.

#5. Loyalty: An effective identity of a brand can help build customer loyalty and trust in a brand since it enables customers to make a connection between the product and company.


The video by The Futur explains an in-depth exploration of visual brand identity.

I’m promoting visual brand identity because I know how crucial it is for a brand to grow. After completing two internships as a graphic designer in India, I worked with several national and international brands. My work comprised from online advertising like social media posts, UX/UI design to print media like magazine pages, business flyers, posters etc. Based on these internships, I understood how the identity of a brand is the foundation of a company’s success. From colors to fonts, marketing strategies to social media content, a lot of things contribute to developing an identity that stands out from the rest of the competition and helps a business become successful.

In my career as a graphic designer, my goal is to create designs that resonate with consumers and give significance to the brand. One of my ambitions is to work in the publishing business, such as newspapers , magazines, etc., and to be part of their advertisement team. With that, I want to be associated with various brands in their magnificent design journeys.

I’ve also written a blog post about how a common brand like Dollar Shave Club has become a household name with its unique brand identity.

Here’s the link: https://blogs.nmit.ac.nz/virajrajput/2020/05/17/how-storytelling-turned-dollar-shave-club-into-a-billion-dollar-company/

Thank you for reading my blog!



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