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Listen, we need to talk….

Now that I’ve caught your attention! I would like to invite you to a seminar that focuses exclusively on the creative industries.

2020 has been a rough time for many of us, and all of them have lost inspiration or ability to make art. So, through this seminar, I hope your artistic senses will tingle and inspire you to create something out of this world!

Hello Stranger! is a 6-day seminar event where people of similar interest come together for a lecture while having good food and a good laugh.

Yeah, you heard me right!

The seminar will be accompanied by a lunch organised by small business owners and a stand-up comedy routine featuring local talent. By attending this seminar, you ‘re not just getting wisdom, but you’re going to support the people around you.

The ticket fee for the seminar is $20 (which is equivalent to 1 Large Domino’s Pizza – haha :D)

The dates for the event are as follows:

2 August – Graphic Design

3 August – Photography

4 August – Fashion Design

5 August – Theatre & Drama

6 August – Music

7 August – Advertising & Marketing

You can find more information about the event on www.hellostranger.com



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